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The MCPF has a list of people who volunteer their time to go onto a Judges and or Lecturers List which is circulated to all the member clubs/societies.

These lists are updated annually and published in the MCPF Guide and directory, a copy of which is sent to all club/society secretaries (further copies can be obtained from the MCPF secretary for a small charge).

The lists are submitted to the PAGB Bi-annually to be published in the PAGB Handbook, a copy of which is sent to all club/society secretaries (more copies may be purchased directly from the PAGB, see the PAGB website).

If you are interested in becoming a judge and or lecturer please get in touch with the Judges and Lecturers Secretaries.

Judges and Lecturers Secretary: Roger Parry


Judges are available for all types of exhibitions, competitions etc. They agree to be listed in the Handbook and visit Societies on the terms outlined in the Handbook so that Societies know in advance the approximate cost of a Judge’s visit.


Lecturers are listed in the PAGB Handbook together with the subjects covered and are available to visit Member Societies. They are volunteers and agree to lecture under the terms of the PAGB Handbook so establishing a known cost to member clubs.

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iconJudge's Seminar/Workshop – run Bi-annually

These are run for the benefit of those you wish to become a judge and for those you are listed.

The method of booking a judge or lecturer via the PAGB website is being developed, look out for information about this process via the PAGB website or Newsletter.

For further details:
MCPF Seminars

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