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iconMCPF Guide and Directory

This is an annual publication that contains the following: (The information in the G&D is correct at the time of circulation to Club Secretaries).

  • Rules of the MCPF
  • What the MCPF is about
  • Notes on copyright, copying and digital imaging
  • Notes on Insurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Full list of Council and Appointments.
  • Full list of all Clubs/Societies, their meeting places and contact details of Secretaries
  • List of MCPF Judges
  • List of MCPF Lecturers

The MCPF G&D is now published in PDF format and is sent out via email in Feb to ALL club Secretaries. Further updates may be sent out periodically.

iconRequired Information about your club

We require the following information from Clubs to enable us to keep you informed about the MCPF, our events and news:

  • Where your club meets, inc. time your meetings start and which months you meet i.e. All Year, or Sept to May
  • Committee Members: All contact details are required especially those of your Secretary and Treasurer
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chairman/President
  • Competition Secretary
  • Number of Members
  • Website address

Each club is entitled to the following number of delegates:
Only Delegates names and emails are required.

Club Size No. Delegates
1 – 25 Members 1 delegate
26 – 50 Members 2 delegates
51 – 100 Members 3 delegates
Over 100 Members 4 delegates

Only your Club Secretary has access to update this database and we would prefer them to update this information. If necessary you can send the information to the MCPF Record Secretary or Webmaster and they will update them for you.

All your information provided is stored on our secure MCPF database in the UK and is covered by GDPR. Our system utilises AES-256 bit access encryption for maximum security.

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