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iconFIAP Distinctions

FIAP Photographic Distinctions are available to individuals who are members of MCPF Clubs. Full details about FIAP Distinctions and how to apply is available from the PAGB website.

FIAP is organised to support Club photography, and only members of Clubs affiliated to an Operational Member of FIAP may apply for FIAP Distinctions. The PAGB is the Operational Member for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with the Scottish Photographic Federation and The Welsh Photographic Federation also recognised as Operational Members in their own right.

Firstly, you must participate in salons with FIAP patronage to gain acceptances. A full list of these qualifying Exhibitions (Salons) can be found on the FIAP Patronages website.

You require to keep a note of all the competitions you have entered.

Anyone interested in the FIAP distinctions must study the whole of this page and the separate page about the FIAP Life Card. Reference documents about the distinctions are provided by the PAGB FIAP Officer

Applications may be made to the PAGB FIAP Liaison Officer, following the details given below for the level of Distinction being applied for between from mid November until late January, check PAGB website for exact dates, except for MFIAP which has alternative date requirements which can be found below. He/she will confirm receipt by email.

Applications through the PAGB
This section does not apply to members within the Scottish Photographic Federation or the Welsh Photographic Federation, which have separate FIAP Liaison Officers and have their own procedures.

iconAFIAP, EFIAP and EFIAP Levels

Only one submission of applications is permitted in any one given year, and they must all go in together. The closing date for completed applications to reach the PAGB FIAP Liaison Officer will be 31st March each year. The application fee will be advised to applicants.

Due to the high number of applicants, the process starts during the preceding autumn. In August, the FIAP Liaison Officer will publish full details and timetabling here for the forthcoming year’s process, and advertise this via PAGB e-news. Anyone, who has achieved the necessary criteria, will be able to register their wish to apply by following the instructions. There is then plenty of time for everybody to register, and to complete and submit their applications.

For more details and advisory documents please go to the PAGB Website - http://www.thepagb.org.uk/fiap/fiap-distinctions/ or to the FIAP website - https://www.fiap.net/en/services/distinctions-service.

iconPSA Distinctions

The MCPF is not a member of PSA but we have had PSA Patronage of our Midland Salon for many years, and we have added this page to enable our MCPF Members to easily obtain more details about this International Organisation.

Photographic Society of America (PSA) was founded in 1934, is a world-wide organization providing abundant resources for photographers, from the novice to the professional. PSA offers on-line learning, webinars, study groups, competitions, mentors and consultants. Membership is in over 80 countries, 5,000 members, 460 Camera Clubs and 12 Chapters across the United States.

PSA Photographic Distinctions are available to individuals who are members of PSA. Firstly, you must participate in salons with PSA recognition to gain acceptances. A full list of these qualifying Exhibitions (Salons) can be found on the PSA Website.

There are also options for Clubs to become members and compete in PSA's Club Competitions.

PSA Website

These distinctions are only available to members of PAGB Affiliated Clubs which all MCPF Clubs are. If you are looking for a challenge, or you would like to see how your photography measures against others throughout the UK, then this is an alternative way to the RPS / BPE schemes for you to achieve some letters after your name. You do not have to produce work as a panel, just have the required number of photos at the level you are applying for. You can enter in Prints or as Projected Digital Images. You only pay on applying and you don’t require to pay membership to keep your Award once you have been successful.

If you do well in your own club, or if your work is selected for Inter-club, MCPF competitions, or you enter nationals/internationals then you’re already part way there. You cannot apply to the PAGB directly, you must apply via the MCPF's Awards Officer, Alan Lovatt.

iconAll you need to know about the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit is here:

PAGB Awards

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